Big Data Fail – Microsoft, Apple and Google app stores @AppStore @WindowsStore @GooglePlay


How many of you can actually log onto an app store from Apple, Microsoft or Google and actually say “hey, that’s an app I need, how did they know?”.  I bet ZERO!  You think with all the personal data these three companies take from us, that they could actually make a REAL RECOMMENDATION engine for apps that actually work.


Seriously, both these images were taking from my start experience with Windows and iTune Appstores.  ZERO apps actually mean a thing to me.   These companies are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into these app stores and can’t even build a recommendation engine that can actually make a recommendation.  Shouldn’t all those AI investments go towards this and throw out the humans?  🙂  This is simple person clustering algorithms…

As a developer of apps, I want my apps to be targeted and promoted to people that would be interested in my apps.  Using what these companies offer today means you get zero chance to get in front of the eyeballs.  These companies need to get with the program.

Rant over.

Enjoy, Patrick

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