Using VR/AR for Business Intelligence. My adventures in development

After spending a few months over the summer learning Unity3D, I’m beginning my development of data visualizations within VR/AR.  I’m fortunate that both Oculus Rift and Microsoft Hololens both support Unity3D development environment.  So I’m hoping to write it once and reuse it on many platforms.  I’m just beginning the process of figuring out how to move data into the 3D world and augmenting that environment and I thought it would be fun to blog this as I go.

So simple shapes is the way to go and it is really hard to express what I see in the headset to what I can put on the blog.  What you see might be deemed kind of lame, but what I see in the headset is pretty amazing, if not ground breaking.  The screen below is what my development view looks like on my computer desktop.

The next screen is actually the desktop app but in Player mode so with my headset on, you see a limited 3D view of what I see.  I think what is interesting is when you are in VR/AR, these 3 dimensional bars look like actually skyscrapers!

Here is a snapshot I took via my phone holding it up to the Oculus through one of the eye viewers.  I think you’ll get what I am talking about.

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