AI Is About To Go Mainstream And Reshape The Workplace


AI-powered apps are software capable of performing higher-order tasks associated with the work of educated office workers. With narrowly focused “brains” optimized to perform a particular task within a narrow domain, AI-powered apps can schedule your business meetings, answer common customer requests and notify you that your connecting flight is delayed by 20 minutes when you thought you had 5 minutes to sprint to the gate.

Outside the purview of IT, employees, teams and entire departments will champion process re-engineering efforts with AI-powered apps, whether they realize it or not. As each individual app eliminates a “task,” the employees who assemble their own “stack” of AI-powered apps will automate many of the mundane parts of their jobs. Teammates eager to be productive and stay competitive will fast follow, as will department managers who want to demonstrate techno-prowess and cost-cutting efforts to higher-ups.


Enjoy, Patrick

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