#Windows10devices social media wrap up using @PlusOneSocial


Just finished watching the Microsoft Windows 10 devices event.  It was an excellent event and I look forward to the HoloLens and Surface Book coming to market.  Amazing technologies.  I used the hashtag #Windows10Devices and found the following interesting analytics using Plus One Social.



  • Over 71,650 tweets!
  • Of those tweets, only 285,706 where original tweets, everyone else was a re-tweeter.
  • 13% of the tweets occurred from a Windows device.
  • There were over 23,345 people tweeting and re-tweeting.  On average, they tweeted twice!
  • And the sentiment on the subject was Neutral to Positive!
  • The top tweeter tweeted 140 times!  Maybe they had to much coffee!!

If you want to do this kind of social analytics yourself, just browse on over to http://PlusOneSocial.com and try it for FREE! You can even do your own insights right within Microsoft Excel too.



Enjoy, Patrick

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