Social Media facts on #NationalCoffeeDay using


Who doesn’t like a good cup of coffee?  Just look at the cup above and tell me you don’t want to take a sip.  I know you do.  Well, yesterday was National Coffee Day and using the hashtag #nationalcoffeeday I found the following interesting analytics using Plus One Social which is FREE!

  • Over 678,000 tweets!
  • Of those tweets, only 285,706 where original tweets, everyone else was a re-tweeter.
  • 57% of the tweets occurred in the morning when people are drinking coffee.
  • There were over 305,000 people tweeting and re-tweeting.  On average, they tweeted twice!
  • And the sentiment on the subject was totally POSITIVE!
  • The top tweeter tweeted 661 times!  Maybe they had to much coffee!!

If you want to do this kind of social analytics yourself, just browse on over to and try it for FREE! You can even do your own insights right within Microsoft Excel too.


Enjoy, Patrick

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