How to get new customers and it isn’t through Google Adwords. #leadgeneration

If you are a small business owner or a person in charge of generating new business fast, how do you do it?  Search Ads?  There is so much NOISE on Search and Social that getting above the advertising pollution to potential customers is nearly impossible.  99% of internet advertising basically fails and I bet you agree.

Did you know that there are potential customers all over world and even in your local area, that asking for your services or products right now?  Yes, they are asking for help but no one can hear them, kind of like your ads on Google and Facebook!  Crazy huh?!  But true!


I built Plus One Leads to crawl through the millions and millions of social posts and find customers for you.  By entering your profession and using some complex logic in the program you don’t have to know, Plus One Leads will present you hundreds if not thousands of posts of potential customers that you can engage in real-time!

What is better customer engagement? 

  1. Placing a Facebook ad and waiting for someone to see it and click it and hope they contact us?
  2. Or, finding customers asking for EXACTLY what you offer and engaging with them in real-time and closing a deal ASAP?

We both know the answer, #2.  The OLD WAY of finding customers, advertising is DEAD.  Browse on over to and download the app for FREE and find new business as fast as you can type.

PS:  What are you waiting for?!  Go download the app and get new customers NOW!

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