Creating your #Windows10 app mockups with #PowerPoint. It’s actually pretty easy. #startup #piedpiper


As I begin my journey into discovering and defining a new application opportunity, I mentioned last week that I stopped creating business plans and just use PowerPoint to create my plan.  This week I’m beginning the process of creating some application mockups.  I know how to use Photoshop and Illustrator, but again, I fall back to my favorite mockup tool, PowerPoint!


As I begin this journey, I mention that I’m going to build my new app using the new Windows Universal app design language.  Desktop/web is a very import productivity piece to my application with mobile as an extension of information consumption. Microsoft provide a great wealth of information over at for you to read and download.  One of the assets they provide are these templates and storyboard assets for PowerPoint.  It save a TON of time inserting, resizing and moving elements around.


I use the Slide Master pages in PowerPoint to put in my Windows 10 shell.  I do this because it is nice to have the desktop appear as I create new screen mockups.  Then you can either turn it on or off.  Pretty slick.


Now the Windows 10 window frame I just create with a series of shapes and change the background colors giving me the look and feel of Windows 10!  Simple!  Now you are off and running creating your app elements using the storyboard feature or just importing your images directly.


Try it when you are mocking up your next app.

Enjoy, Patrick

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