Using PowerPoint to flesh out our new business idea. #startup #PiedPiper @Office


I’ve had this software idea in my head for the past 10+ years. A week doesn’t go by where it just bugs me that the software that is out there is tired and old.  Well, I guess it is time to see if there is really an opportunity out there to solve this problem.  I’ll continue to blog on this new software opportunity as I move along.  I hope you enjoy the updates.

Do you just create your software and see if someone buys it?  Nope.  That is a bad idea if that is the way you start.  You can see it in the multi-million dollars failures that occur every week.  I actually like to build software that actually makes money and not give it away for FREE.  What kind of business is that?


First you have to get your thoughts organized and I always go back to Microsoft PowerPoint. Sure, there are probably a hundred other apps that are good for this, but PowerPoint just makes it easy.  Click Click Click and I’m off and running capturing, organizing and communicating my ideas.


I blurred my workbook above for a reason, but PowerPoint allows me to quickly capture and organize my thoughts on the idea I am working on.  I do this because I have probably about 50 web links I have captured and I need them organized so it follows a certain flow.  I clip the pages, think competitors slides, and list them in PowerPoint in a certain order.  Allows me to work through my competitors in a logical fashion from strongest to weakest.

I never write a business plan because my PowerPoint becomes my business plan without all the silly fluff.  I’ve got my positioning, my competitors, my technology, my branding and my marketing plans all in this document creating a minimal viable product that I can go to market quickly and being winning over new customers and friends.

Stay tuned.

Enjoy, Patrick

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