Windows 10 is pretty slick and I’m happy to be moving to it. #build2015


I’ve been putting Windows 10 through it paces over the last couple of months.  I’m really into some of the new UI treatments as that can be some of the most important reason to upgrade.  That is why I believe I lot of people made fun of the Windows 8 Start experience.   I like that the Windows start button is back as we need something more compact and efficient when we are in productivity mode and not tablet mode.  It is still a bit weird with the large tiles though.


Visual Studio is just amazing.  It is like going to HomeDepot because it has everything a developer needs including the kitchen sink!  Smile


I pulled over my Plus One social application which harvests tweets based on your keywords.  Everything seems to compile and run just fine.  I’m pretty happy about that because OS upgrades usually break on first try.


I had to try the new browser Sparton.  Pretty cool and I really like the UI layout.  Looks like I have some work to do to upgrade my interface to some of the new Windows 10 treatments.  I look forward to that.

Enjoy, Patrick

One thought on “Windows 10 is pretty slick and I’m happy to be moving to it. #build2015

  1. You are way ahead of me I’m still on windows 7 pro what you are doing looks good have used some of what you showed with mapping and it worked in excel 2013.  Chalmers G. Ingersoll 510-697-9713

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