Want the best steak in New York? Don’t turn to Yelp, turn to Twitter and PlusOneSocial.com


There is so much bad news about Yelp and their business model.  I believe a lot of people will just TWEET their experiences good and bad.  So I turned to Plus One social to harvest people tweeting about steaks in the New York area using a radius search.

Why twitter?  Because it gives people instant satisfaction when it comes to posting about how much they like or dislike something.  Much easier than logging into Yelp and posting a review.  Why waste the time right?  I found this cluster of posts right here.



When I drill down, that is Tre Dici Steak house.  A few very positive comments about their food and atmosphere.   This took all of 1 minute to do.


This is WHY cooler and most trusting way of finding your best steak house.  Give it a shot.  Download Plus One and try it for yourself!

Enjoy, Patrick

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