Mapped! The whole world as the flu or a virus. #viz using @Tableau @plusonesocial


I’ve been pulling social data using Plus One and harvesting data on popular sicknesses (english only).  I have pulled over 1 million tweets which is pretty amazing in its own right.  I plotted on a map color coded by sickness.  Pretty crazy when you look at the density in the United States.


As you can see, most people are talking about the “flu”, but it is interesting to see a lot of chatter about the “superbug” and “measles” too.


This chart show you the sickness I’m tracking by month along with the number of tweets.  You can see the spikes in the flu, measles and superbug very easily.


April had quite a peak, but it looks like the flu bug is trending down now that weather is getting a bit warmer.

I do admit, the more I use Tableau, the more I have been enjoying it for my instant analysis.  I’m using over 1 million tweets and related data and Tableau is just powering through it.  Nice.

Enjoy, Patrick

Click here to download Tableau and Plus One.

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