I hate #CRM solutions. Until now… Fasta!


I’m sure 95% of you agree, using CRM solutions is just a big pain in the butt.  Too many screens, Too many features, Too many fields.  And you can’t find a thing!  Then, you are expected to create and run your own reports to actually find anything!   Hate it!

Until now.  I’ve been using a new app for the iPhone called FastaSales which puts the power of what CRM does best, into your hands.  It tells you the WINS that you need to know and care about so you can apply those same tactics to your customer opportunities.

Why is this important?  Because as a sales person that is the only thing you care about is getting wins.  So if a colleague in the northeast is crushing it, you can see HOW they are doing it quickly and then pivot to do it in your territory.  Simple as that.

Visit FastaSales and download the app.  Enter your Salesforce id and you’re off and running selling more WINS!

Enjoy, Patrick

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