Power BI–Let’s Take it MOBILE!–Part 3 #analytics #bigdata #mobilebi


Well, after spending some considerable amount of time with Power BI, I finally figured how to make it purr for me.  Something’s like creating dashboards from reports is not spelled out that easily.  Or, maybe because I didn’t want to read or watch a bunch of videos.  I just want to get my data onto my mobile device.


Right now, you can only use Power BI on an iOS device like the iPad or iPhone which just happens to NOT be my default phone.  I have Android which I have been told that it will show up sometime in the near future.


I got my Metrics dashboard to show up on the device.  BUT, why don’t I have the cool preview of the dashboard?  Must be beta I guess, but the preview would go a long way in helping me know which dashboard to click on.  It does show, it just takes 12+ hours I guess for the cloud service to render the images.



Pretty cool.  It looks very nice on my device.  I tend to look at data from a performance management perspective because I like to compare against my goals or targets.


This feature I really wanted to explore.  But I guess I have to have a specific view to actually use it.  The view has to be created in Power View to actually use it?  I figured I could tap on it and who-la.  NOT.  Oh well, it is promising though.


If there are specific charts you like when viewing on your device, you can save them as favorites.  I like these feature because most people only track 7 things a month and now these are available with one touch.

Email me with questions.  It looks promising.

Enjoy, Patrick

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