Friday Fun with BI: Mapping my happy birthday worldwide with @tableau and @plusonesocial #crazycool


Last week on March 26th I had my birthday.  Well, just for fun I thought I would use Plus One Social to harvest all the tweets that included the keyword “happy birthday”.  After retrieving over 925,000 tweets.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  Over 925,000 tweets using the English spelling of “happy birthday”.


Is that crazy or what?  Look at the United Kingdom, they just love to tweet “happy birthday”.  Even down to Israel you see a lot of birthday wishes.  Actually, all over the world people are wishing happy birthday to others.  So cool.


Even by time of day is really interesting.  I’m on the west coast so I’m 3 hours from New York but a lot of tweets are international too.


You want to do this kind of social analysis in minutes using Tableau?  Just browse on over to and check out the Tableau Analyst Pack.  You’ll be a Master of the Social Media Universe too.

Enjoy, Patrick

PS:  Happy Birthday!

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