Social Analytics using @Google as your business intelligence dashboard #gartnerbi @plusonesocial


Sounds crazy right?  Using Google Apps as your digital marketing dashboard for social analytics.  Well, it is totally possible!   How did I do it?  I started with Plus One to harvest the social data I want to analyze.   Plus One allows me to harvest data based on keywords and it stores that data into a Microsoft Access database.


Then I pulled that data into Google Spreadsheets and created several pivot tables of that data.   I put all the data in one tab and then built several pivots of that data for the types of charts I wanted to create.


Then using that summarized data in your pivot tables, you can build out your individual dashboard components like I did below.  Then I just copied those to the main dashboard page resulting in my social insights.


Pretty slick huh?  You can get started doing this yourself with a FREE version of Plus One and using Google Spreadsheets which is FREE too!  Can’t beat that!

Enjoy, Patrick

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