Using Microsoft Azure Sentiment on #SpaceX with Excel PowerQuery and @PlusOneSocial


Measuring and analyzing sentiment for social media can be tough.  Oh sure, you can pay several thousand dollars a month for one of the big social services providers, but who has that budget?  Well, using Microsoft Excel 2013 Power Query and  The Azure Marketplace function for sentiment, I was able to apply big budget machine learning algorithms for nearly NOTHING!  Smile   How did I do it, just follow along.

First, I used PlusOneSocial to pull my topical tweet data.  You can use it FREE for under 10,000 tweets.  Just type in your keywords and you’re off and running.


I used Microsoft Excel 2013 with Power Query installed to pull data from the PlusOneSocial database.  I then used the Azure Marketplace and added the Bing Machine Learning Sentiment function.


Within Power Query, I edited the query and included a custom column to call the Sentiment Score function.


Then I just plotted my results!  1 is Positive, 0 is Neutral and –1 is Negative


So for less than your Starbucks coffee habit for the month, I have a full blown Social Media Analyze platform on my desktop without some annoying sales person calling me, fixed length contracts and spending thousands a dollars a month.  And, with Microsoft Power BI, I’m not limited to what someone else thinks I should see.

Enjoy, Patrick

PS: Contact me if you have questions.

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