Time to move onto something NEW! What’s NEXT?!

As of January 14th I am no longer employed by TIBCO Software.  If you didn’t already know, TIBCO purchased my company Extended Results in September of 2013.  I had some great experiences while working there and learned a lot.  With the change in the company going private, strategies are changing and it is best that I move onto different pastures.

When I started Extended Results in January of 2006, I have worked with some of the most talented people in the business intelligence space.  I feel I had the “A” Team while all my competitors had the “b” team.  I will treasure all those relationships as it was a ride most people will never experience and I got to do it with what I consider my best friends.

I’m pretty excited about what the future holds in regards to Analytics and Data.  I feel like a reboot is needed and look forward to broadening by experiences and working on the next class of cool software.   I’ve talked with about a dozen startup over the past several months which has really fired me up for future innovations.  I’ve been rekindling some of my relationships with business intelligence software companies and am pretty excited about some future data tech.

Stay in touch, 2015 is going to be a great year for TECH!


Enjoy, Patrick

PS: If you have some cool software or company you want me to check out, contact me.  Always interested.

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