Check out this Heatmap of Infectious Diseases around the world. Kind of scary… #excel #powermap


To stay on the infectious diseases theme, I decided to use Excel 2013 PowerMaps to show heatmaps of hot areas for discussion.   Again, I used Plus One Social to pull the Twitter discussion around current infectious diseases that are being discussed at a certain volume and plotted to a map.


The United States lights up in the major metropolitan areas as expected.  I’m surprises with the current immigration issues on the border with Texas, we see more discussion there, but I believe the people are quite busy and not tweeting about it.


There are some major HOT SPOTS in Indonesia.  Most of the discussions are around different types of Flu viruses.   But I’m not sure I want to be around Jakarta and Malang right now.

People in Japan seem to be very quite about any discussion there.  But I think I need to translate to Japanese to pull the correct data.


England has quite a discussion going on.  Makes me wonder what everyone there is worried about.  Well, I do know as I have over a million rows of Twitter social data…

Enjoy, Patrick

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