Where’s the money in Seattle/Eastside area. Here’s the #Analytics. #maps #mydata #income @geekwire


I’m always amazing at the amount of money that flows through Washington State and especially through the Seattle/Eastside area.  I found the following short article at Business Insider pointing out the Money flow using Maps or Geospatial analysis.  Good stuff.

Below is median income throughout the area.  Bill Gates and his buddies around lake washington really make that sucker dark red.  The darker the color, the more the average salary or income is for that area.


The next image shows the rental market, again the darker the color the more expensive the area.  What is interesting is the Seattle area is a younger demographic paying the most for rent.


The next image shows the percentage of income it takes to afford the rent.  There are some pockets, but it really shows how wealthy the entire Seattle and Eastside really are.


You can find out more about the data at the source: https://kwelia.com/maps/cbsa_census_tract?cbsa=Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue,%20WA# 

Enjoy, Patrick

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