It’s here! Facebook Analytics FREE Download add-on for Excel 2013 #analytics #bigdata

For several years now, Facebook has remained the top social networking site.   Facebook has become a way of life and a key resource for data analytics.

Extended Results has build the ultimate Analytics Tool Suite including the newly released Facebook Analytics for Excel. We’re excited to announce this is available to you as a FREE download! Since most everyone already has a copy of Excel 2010 or 2013, we knew Excel was the best place for you to “do your Facebook Analytics thing.”



Along with the newest release of Excel 2013, we updated Facebook Analytics for Excel with a new interface and functionality only found by using Excel 2013. And what did we discover?

  • Multithreaded for faster data/content loading and processing.
  • Enhanced Excel COM Add-in for improved reliability.
  • Integrated Office 2013 ribbon interface for simplicity and ease of use.
  • Several features for in-application development allow for better control with integration with Web services like Facebook Graph API and pulling all kinds of data content.
  • Better UI control so we can apply new styling that drives better insight.
  • Application dialog showing live visual progress of data/content being pulled.
  • Better integration of Power Pivot so you don’t have to go behind the screens to refresh.

Using Facebook Analytics for Excel, you can now discover trends and insights through the Facebook social media channel. Enter your search terms and Excel does all of the work for you. If you are looking for more flexibility within this tool, please contact us we’re happy to show you other big data solutions you probably already have and don’t even know it. Download Facebook Analytics for Excel Today!

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