We’re on Google campus today. What were we doing there? Did we just get Googled? #mobilebi #analytics


We flew down to Silicon Valley today for a few meetings and had a chance to stop at Google.  After all my years with Microsoft, it was kind of weird to be on the Google campus.  None the less, it’s a pretty interesting place!


I love that my VP of Services is on his phone checking his metrics with PUSHBI.  I was on him about utilization and the need for more consultants.  Oh, did you know the food at Google is free?



We visited where Android OS is developed and were excited to see they have Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwiches out front.  Totally funny and makes me hungry.  Have you figured out why we are here yet?  Might seem obvious.


Super fun campus with these crazy looking Google bikes everywhere.  Great idea, but the bikes with baskets are pretty lame for a big guy like me.  We needed one of those self driving cars.  But hey, they ride slow enough that I can still monitor my business in palm of my hand.

Still curious what we’re doing down here on Google’s campus?  Email me – and I’ll let you know what we’re up to!

Enjoy, Patrick


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