Sneak Peek at Analytics for Facebook with Excel 2013. #ANALYTICS @Facebook #social #bigdata #analytics

facebook analytics

All you people looking for FREE social analytical software for Facebook can now rejoice!  We are putting the finishing touches on our Facebook Analytics for Excel 2013, which will be available shortly.

We first created the Analytics for Facebook as an Excel 2010 add-on a couple of years ago.  Since then, Microsoft has upgraded Excel and Facebook has changed their API, so it was time for a refresh.

facebook analytics

We think you will be amazed at the type of insights you can find in regards to your social network.  From where in the world your peers are located –

facebook analytics

To insights surrounding posts and likes to your articles.  We have enabled all kinds of filters so that you can drill down into the conversation at any level.

facebook analytics

We should have the Analytics for Facebook add-on posted shortly.  Stay tuned for more information and a download link.

Enjoy, Patrick

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