Day 8 # Where In the World are Patrick and PUSHBI? #pushbi #patrickhusting #whereintheworld


Our CEO, Patrick Husting, is on a European Vacation with his family and PUSHBI is hitching a ride.  Watch our captain, Patrick, keep tabs on us while enjoying the dynamics of international travel!

Captain’s log. Stardate European Vacation 06.20.2013.   Enjoying a morning stroll in London and admiring the amazing attractions like the Tower Bridge.  An iconic symbol of London, the bridge is quite an engineering feat. Consisting of two towers tied together at the upper level by two horizontal walkways and suspension sections – the bridge was designed (by wicked smart people with lots of math, metrics and data) to harmoniously balance horizontal and vertical forces.  The cool part – not everyone needs to know all the metrics or data to build the bridge – just the right people at the right time.  Just like PUSHBI allows me and my team access to relevant data that pertains to our specific job responsibilities.  Each of us doing our part – and Voilà – we have a bridge to success!  (I know that’s a French word but it seemed the most appropriate at the time!)

Cheers! Patrick

London’s Tower Bridge 6.20.2013


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