Day #6 Where in the world are Patrick and PUSHBI? #pushbi #patrickhusting #whereintheworld


Our CEO, Patrick Husting, is on a European Vacation with his family and PUSHBI is hitching a ride.  Watch our captain, Patrick, keep tabs on us while enjoying the dynamics of international travel!

Captain’s log. Stardate European Vacation 06.18.2013.   We have arrived in England and I must admit it’s much easier to speak with the locals here.  Although I must say that no matter where I’m traveling, PUSHBI is the perfect travel companion keeping me informed of important business metrics in a real-time and user friendly interface.  And one of my favorite things, PUSHBI shows no favorites and is kind of like Switzerland – It doesn’t care if you’re an Apple, a Window or an Android – it will run on any device and across any platform.  So, what platform do you fancy?

Cheers! Patrick

I know pretty cool, right? Captivated Audience in London 6.18.2013


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