Day #4 Where in the world are Patrick Husting and PUSHBI? #PUSHBI #PatrickHusting #Whereintheworld #bonappetit


Our CEO, Patrick Husting, is on a European Vacation with his family and PUSHBI is hitching a ride.  Watch our captain, Patrick, keep tabs on us while enjoying the dynamics of international travel!

Captain’s log. Stardate European Vacation 06.14.2013.   After a wonderful slumber I am enjoying an early breakfast while my bride and boys continue to sleep.  Over figs, croissants, and coffee – I am checking in with my team via PUSHBI.  Everything looks as to be expected, but I noticed some spikes within the metrics that I’m closely monitoring.  A cool feature for PUSHBI, I have been able to have an IM conversation (within PUSHBI itself) with my executive team and after a quick sync we were able to determine that the spike was good news and it showed us mid-month already hitting some target goals.  With that, I think I’ll have another croissant and watch the town-square wake up this morning. 

Bon Appetit, Patrick

Do you know? – Day #4 : What is the legal drinking age in England?
(And Day#3’s answer:  The Treaty of Versailles, ending World War I, was signed in the Hall of Mirrors.)

Early breakfast after a good slumber 6.14.2013


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