If I was DELL, CISCO, INTEL, APPLE, GOOGLE and many others, this is what I would use for BI. #excel #sharepoint #powerview


Well, these guys should be using PUSHBI.  BUT, they all own basically every Microsoft license that you can purchase –  are they actually using the software to their fullest potential?  I can bet you BIG DOLLARS they are not.  They are just producing report after report that nobody is looking at.  I guarantee it.


We’ll help these tech-titians maximize their business intelligence investments to their fullest.  We are not just creating another report, but creating dashboard solutions that actually mean something.


We are creating dashboards that provide an INSTANT KNOW of what is going on within the organization.  Not just another bar chart, but an interactive story that tells you what is going on with every click.


And especially since these tech-behemoths are global corporations, we can easily provide geo-spatial analysis into their product moving across the United States and the Globe.  Where are the sales and the delays in product reaching the distributors?


If you’re selling high-technology products, even flight delays in getting product and people to the right destinations can cause a ripple effect to your bottom line.

So if DELL, CISCO, INTEL, APPLE or GOOGLE are listening, it is time to give us a call so we can get out of the “just another report will do” mode.

Enjoy, Patrick

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