MOBILEBI faster than a speeding train in China. Amazing what you can buy. #mobile #analytics


It’s amazing how cheap advertising is in China, and you can basically buy anything if you know the right person.  China is a HOT market for business intelligence solutions.  As the Chinese market continues to grow beyond what the rest of the world is used to, businesses in China know they need better software tools to provide them real-time insight into their massive operations.


As goods move around the world and arrive at ports like the Port of Seattle, data is being carried through fiber optics underneath the ocean floors containing information on the contents of those ships.  Then, the cargo is offloaded and put onto semi trucks or train cars. Again, more data is being moved around about the cargo’s who, what, where and when.


The trains transport the cargo and data to their destinations where it is then delivered to stores and warehouses around the United States, so we have goods to purchase.  More and more data is being produced and used.


Trains do a lot of heaving lifting in our industry while providing terrific economies of scale and cost savings.  I’m glad to say that many companies in the transportation industry utilize PUSHBI to revolutionize their business from paper and electronic reporting tools into a real-time operating powerhouse overnight.  It just makes sense.  Our customers move BIG THINGS, so we help our customers move BIG DATA in REAL-TIME.


Enjoy, Patrick

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