Let PUSHBI do the heaving lifting for you when it comes to your business insights. #mobile


I’ve been staring out my window at the construction of a huge townhouse complex being built next door to our building for the past 6 months here in Redmond Washington.  As I was wondering what happens to the guy up there when he has to go to the bathroom, it dawned on me the importance of real-time information for the construction industry.

It is amazing to see all the site prep like grading, drilling footings, cement being poured, framing of the exterior, roof being placed, electrical being installed, windows being placed and more.  Lots of construction managers and hundreds of workers are moving around the site like ants making sure the work gets done correctly and most importantly, safely.


But that is just the site work.  Think about the architects, city planners, police for the traffic stops (grrrr) and the hundreds of other people involved just to get the site approved and up and running.


Then we are onto the management and sales of the complex so they can occupy the units, then the property managers that manage the site and all the owner requests.  All I see is more and more data – having just more reports or dashboards just doesn’t cut it.  Can you imagine ANY of these people sitting at their desks looking for information?  I can only imagine there are a lot of people in this process producing report after report that no one is looking at.

PUSHBI is the answer to making this entire construction process better.  That is why the largest home builder in the United States decided to standardize with Windows 8 tablets and PUSHBI as the information delivery tool for their business.  They decided that doing reporting and analytics the same way for the last 30 years might just be wrong and inefficient.  PUSHBI has proven itself as a productivity gain in this company and is providing real-time insights whether they are in the office or at the construction site.


Enjoy, Patrick

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