We got ourselves a CONVOY! Delivering Business Insights on 18 Wheels #PUSHBI #bigdata #analtyics


From mega ships traversing international waters to long haul trucking, PUSHBI is revolutionizing the transportation industry.  Why? It’s SIMPLE.

PUSHBI is SIMPLE to setup, SIMPLE to deploy and SIMPLE to USE!

With the transportation industry moving so quickly – can you imagine finding time to train your transportation decision makers, including all-nighter long haul truckers, how to interpret squished-down dashboards on a smartphone or tablet?   No way, these guys and gals are moving the goods of businesses around the world at speeds greater than 55 miles per hour!

These individuals are no different than the decision makers behind desks.  Everyone needs access to information to do their jobs better, they need it delivered in a format that they can consume quickly and they need to get back to work.   PUSHBI is the ONLY solution in the BI marketplace that solves that!

Check out PUSHBI and maybe even take a “test drive” trying PUSHBI Now.

“Put your petal to the metal, I’m 10-10 on the side.” (Smokey and the Bandit movie)

10-4 Good Buddy, Trucker Patrick

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