Wrap your APP! Well, O365 is what I’m thinking. #office #webapp


Just sharing a new little app that I created for all my business Web applications.   I’ve found when I’m using my business Web apps, like Office365, in an internet browser like IE or Chrome, I constantly close the tab, lose focus of the tab and lose my spot in the app.

So I created a Web app wrapper that allows me to have an app dedicated to my business Web apps.  Seems silly, but after using it for a month I found I was actually using my Web apps more like SharePoint and having better productivity than using IE or Chrome as the main browsing client.

The internet browser tended to be distracting with the links and buttons and tabs.  I found myself venturing into other directions, wanting to jump over to a news site, for instance. Yes, we are all guilty of that…


What I created is a business app browser for all my Web business applications.  If you click in the upper left corner, you can quickly jump to my other business apps.  Productive and focused, love that.

Enjoy, Patrick

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