Business Intelligence and Food Services. Breakfast and Mobile BI. YUM! #mobilebi #bigdata


I got to have breakfast with one of my food services customers in the restaurant business today.  He quickly pulled out his mobile phone to show me their implementation of PUSHBI.

I am so excited to be a part of the transformation of business in taking away thousands of dashboards and reports and reducing them to a few, easy to understand metrics.

“PUSHBI is Personal and Effective,” according to Mike.  “I no longer need to FIND the report that MIGHT have the metric I need.  I just whip out my phone and there are the 15 metrics that I actually care about using PUSHBI.  I’m informed and I can get back to work doing what I do best – build my business.”

What a great quote!

Enjoy, Patrick

One comment

  1. I was hoping to see a bit more, perhaps even expand on what i wrote in my post about the role of big data in the food industry. but either way, it’s good to see this kind of thing in action. good luck!

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