Business Intelligence at 30,000 feet. Come fly with us. #analytics #mobilebi @arrowflightclub @geekwire


Last night we attended the launch party of Arrow Airlines, a private airline shuttle between Seattle and San Jose.  I had the pleasure of meeting Russell Belden at a GeekWire event a couple months ago and got pretty excited about his new startup that totally shortens the time it takes to get to San Jose from Seattle and back.  No more airport delays and TSA trying to touch your junk (Russell quote).


Russell had his launch party last night and what a time it was.  How cool is it to take one of his passions of flying and work that into an exciting brand new business.  The food was great and the networking was fantastic.  Learned a lot more about the airline industry.


It was an amazing evening at the King County Airport.  You drive up and walk right out to your plane that is waiting for you.  Love the RED carpet treatment.  Look at that sunset in the background.


PUSHBI is the perfect application when you are jetting across the skies at 450 miles an hour!   The data is on your device ready to go and have discussions on making your business better.  (product plug)


That is John Cook from GeekWire.  He grabbed my business card, being the Golden Geek that I am and entered it in the drawing for a FREE round trip on the plane.


And to top it off, I won the grand prize!  WINNER!  Go figure, probably rigged.  So then I got my picture taken with Russell and all the stewardesses.

I now have my own private plane.  Sweet!

Enjoy, Patrick

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