The Best Business Tablet for Windows 8, Acer Iconia W510. #acer #Windows


I have never written a hardware product review before, but I really wanted to do one from a business decision maker’s perspective.  I recently picked up an Acer Iconia W510 tablet from the Microsoft Store for ONLY… Get this… $399.00 dollars!!  WOW!  I just had to purchase it because it looks and acts just like an iPad, except it has a full version of Windows 8.

Now, Acer has been giving Microsoft a hard time about Windows 8 and competing in the tablet space against their OEMs – but Acer really doesn’t have any competition here.  This tablet device is excellent for a business decision maker that needs access to corporate applications and documents.

From a business perspective, I could care less about how well Angry Birds runs, whether the Netflix app is available or if it has multi-aiming lasers to track eye movements.  What I really want to know is how this device will make me more productive and give me valuable time back to my days and weeks.  That is what I care about.  I want to spend more time with my customers, making them happy so they will purchase more from us.  Oh!  All businesses want that, too.  Cool.


Well, the most used business application on the planet is Microsoft Office.  So you can see you have easy access to your favorite applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  This screen is big enough to interact with the Office apps, but you have your full suite available to you where ever you are.  You can easily leverage Skydrive to make sure your documents are available on all your devices.  You cannot do that with an iPad and Android.  When Microsoft ships Office for the iPad, well, that will be interesting indeed.


But, one of Microsoft’s fastest growing product lines for years has been SharePoint.  With the new O365, you can take your business and deliver it to your employees anywhere they are.  Yes, and that includes Starbucks because I catch my employees there all the time.  So now they can’t get away from collaborating with others in the office.   We have moved Extended Results to O365 recently and are quite impressed with it and that means fewer servers and less software we have to manage.


From a decision maker’s perspective, they are mobile – they are not in content production mode, they are in information consumption mode.  That is why tablets are selling like hotcakes right now.  However, business apps really haven’t transitioned well to tablets yet.  Case in point are all the business intelligence apps on tablets right now.  Well, only for the iPad.  But all the apps do the same thing, they try to squeeze dashboards down into a tablet and think you want to play with the data.  Like Angry Birds, I would say.  BUT, decision makers don’t do that.  They monitor their business like a stock ticker.  I only know of one application that does that – and on all devices including Windows 8 – PUSHBI.  Shameless plug.

There is a technical review of the Acer W510 at AnandTech where I have used some of their images below.  If you want details into the technology, visit their article.


The screen and device form factor is very similar to an iPad.  That is one of the reasons I’m so attracted to this device because the iPad is a great form and fit.


It even comes with a dockable keyboard that is actually pretty nice, thin and light.


It also has a couple of important ports like a micro-hdmi, micro-SD and a micro-usb.  The micro-usb adaptor comes with the device.

If you are looking for something that will easily work for your business on day one, you almost have NO REASON to pick this device up and the sweet price of $399 makes it a no-brainer.

Enjoy, Patrick

From TabTimes

“Extended Results CEO Patrick Husting reveals Acer’s Iconia W510 to be his Windows 8 tablet of choice for business, even comparing it to the enterprise-conquering iPad.

Writing a blog post on the company’s website, Husting revealed how he managed to pick up the 10.1-inch Iconia W510 for a meagre $399 on the Microsoft Store recently and came away feeling that the device compared favorably with the iPad and Microsoft’s own Surface tablet.” – TabTime

See below to read the full article written by Patrick Hustings, Extended Results CEO.


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