If I was a FULL-TIME Data Scientist, this is what I would do. #excel #geoflow

GEOFLOW, Microsoft, Excel, Extended Results

For years, we have been helping customers get the most out of their data.  But one visualization that has always been tough without spending a ton of money is geo-spatial analysis.  Until now. Now you have a FREE add-on for Excel 2013 called GEOFLOW.

One of my rock-star developers, Gabriel, got a data set on Adult Family Homes in the Seattle area and created this in-depth analysis on the market and coverage.  In the past, it would have taken a lot of time and money to do this and he cranked this out in a few minutes.

GEOFLOW, Microsoft, Excel, Extended Results

As our generation ages, Adult Family Centers are an important asset to our country.  Gabriel used this data to find pockets of areas that are under-served and discovered market opportunities existing in those areas.  Fantastic!

I could play around with data and maps all day and get paid well for it!  But, you still have to have good formed data.  If you would like some assistance getting started with GEOFLOW, we would be happy to help.  Contact me and I’ll help you get started quickly.

Enjoy, Patrick

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