PUSHBI Now, the 1st and only SaaS Mobile BI Solution that is Scalable to the Enterprise. New Features Updates. #mobilebi


Our development team has been working hard on extending PUSHBI Now beta with new features.  We appreciate all the great feedback we have received during our introduction phase.  The following new features have been released:

  • New Home Dashboard with your data insights
  • Extensive updates to KPI management
  • Parent/Child Relationships
  • KPI Number Formatting
  • KPI Groupings for easy management
  • Better KPI to Feeds mapping
  • Better Feeds to Users mapping
  • Video Instruction / Help

The new Home Dashboard gives you insight into all the data you have in PUSHBI Now.  It makes management of your KPIs easier and quicker.


Editing KPIs got even simpler.  You can edit all kinds of properties related to KPIs, like Formatting and Owner Email Address.  You can also quickly administer the data by inserting a new row or even deleting data with one click.


We are continuing to enhance the solution with the goal of coming out of beta by the end of April.  If you have feedback for us, click the HELP link and send us an email.  You’ll be able to continue to enjoy your FREE PUSHBI Now trial through the end of May and then billing will kick in.

Regards, Patrick

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