#GartnerBI WRAP UP – Analysts, Software and TOP Twitter TWEETERS! #Analytics #Excel


Well, the Gartner Business Intelligence event is over after 4 days of analysts, vendors and lots of coffee.  It was my first time attending the event and I really enjoyed meeting so many people so focused on the BI space.

I did a lot of analytics on the Tweeters using the #gartnerbi hashtag.  I also participated in the Twitter discussion and had a fun time doing it.  I actually ran into 25 people that called me out at the event, “Are you the Tweeter from @extendedresults?  We love your Tweets!”  I’m glad the attendees liked my tweets and actually read them because I know a couple of Gartner analysts that didn’t. he he Oh well, can’t please everyone.

I used our Twitter Analytics for Excel to capture and report on the conversation at the event.  You can download it for FREE and use it at your next event.  Let me know if you find it useful.  If you don’t, I probably don’t care.

Enjoy, Patrick

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