Cognos, Tableau, Microsoft, Microstrategy, BusinessObjects, Oracle, QlikView – OH MY! #analytics #reporting #rc


I’ve met with a lot of CIOs over the years and I make sure I ask one specific question if I can:

What reporting solution do you use?

The response is basically the same.  We don’t have one reporting solution, we actually have several different solutions because we use a little of each to get the job done.  Wow.  Most mid to enterprise-sized companies have between 2 to 5 different kinds of reporting solutions, outside of the line of business apps.  So that just begs the next question:

How do you find what you are looking for?

Answer:  They don’t.

Well, with Report Catalog, their problems have been answered.  With one simple to install and use solution, now those decision makers can go to one place to get all their company reports.  And, we make sure Report Catalog works great with all HTML based reporting solutions.

Works great with any reporting solution – including these great solutions from

Report Catalog is the ONLY solution in the market place to keep you from drowning in a sea of analytics and reports.  Now everyone in your company can work smarter and not harder when they have the right information at the right time.

report catalog

If you would like to find out more information or get a demo, please visit our Report Catalog Web site at


Patrick Husting
Founder/CEO – Extended Results Inc

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