Tracking over 8,500 people at #SXSW via Twitter using Geospatial Search SUPERPOWERS #analytics #socialmedia #excel #DATAVIZ



How can you do that?  Simple, I am using my Super-Powers of Social Media and Twitter Analytics for Excel.  Really!  I’m using Excel and utilizing the Advanced Search feature of the Twitter Analytics Add-on.  In here, I can limit my Twitter data pulls to a Latitude and Longitude.  Then draw a 50 mile radius around the conference center.  And voila’!  Cool, huh?!


BUT to know that over 8,500 people at the event are tweeting some kind of message about SXSW is mind blowing.  And 8 out of 10 tweets are coming from an iOS device!  Crazy cool.

The map below is not exciting AT ALL, but it is showing where the number of tweets are really coming from.  I just pulled the last couple days so I would get tweets from other locations.  I need to get my hands on Microsoft’s GEOFLOW Add-on for Excel!


Let the fun begin, I can now TRACK YOU at an event.  Well, only if you are on Twitter and are shouting to the world.

The amazing thing about this?  I’m using a simple tool like Excel, capturing all this information, analyzing it, blogging it all within just a few minutes out of my day.  That is a powerful statement.  How many people are analyzing your social media efforts?  If more than a few, you are probably doing it wrong.

But, I have Super Powers of Social Media.

Enjoy, Patrick
CEO, Extended Results
We do things a bit different than most

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