TOP 5 Tweeters at #strataconf, here’s the Wrap-Up Analytics on it. #bigdata #analytics

Using our FREE add-on to Microsoft Excel (Twitter Analytics) I had a lot of fun analyzing the Strata Conference through the eyes of Twitter. And what I found might surprise you!
About Strata:
O’Reilly’s Strata Conference was held February 26th – February 28th 5PM PST and brought together the leading minds in big data: the decision makers using the power of big data to drive business strategy as well as the practitioners who collect, analyze, and manipulate the data.

Tweets Per Day

Tweets by day proved to show normal trends leading up to an event as well as people retweeting other peoples messages.  The interesting thing to note on this chart is when the retweets just stopped.  WHY?  Looks like Twitter’s API just stopped serving them up.  Strange.
And today (with the conference over) no one cares because only a few tweets are recorded this morning.


Top Tweeters

The Top Tweeters is something I seemed to have taken too personally.  I really wanted to be #1, but that @jpindi guy crushed it.  But hey, at least I beat my buddy @brunoaziza and event the conference host!


Total Tweets

Here are the #strataconf tag final numbers.  Again, at some point it is pretty clear that Twitter’s API just stopped serving up retweet information. Still strange.


Tweets By Device

Ok, now here is another reason why our FREE add-on to Microsoft Excel (Twitter Analytic) ROCKS!  Just look at these metrics showing what devices people used to post those tweets.  The conference was held in San Francisco, so everyone seems to be on their laptops or on their iOS devices.  I’m not sure what the other is but I’m guessing that is something like Hootsuite, etc.


Tweets By Geography

Even with the conference hosted from the United States’ West Coast – the tweets came in from all over the world!  It is pretty awesome to play it over time and see the world populate with activity around #strataconf.



I found some very interesting and USEFUL tactics simply by using our FREE add-on to Microsoft Excel (Twitter Analytic). I may write them up in a later blog – if you’re lucky.  In conclusion, by using our our FREE add-on to Microsoft Excel (Twitter Analytic) I found clear trends, could predict where things where going, was able to move some conversations and even drove a ton of traffic to my web sites.   In a few shorts days, I’ve learned some super-powers of social media and I’m now very intrigued to test those ‘powers’ in the coming months. Stay tuned!


If you have the right information, at the right time – you can make the right decision and win.

Enjoy, Patrick


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