Disappointed in BIG DATA ANALYTICS companies at the #strataconf at least @tableau & @extendedresults tried

Ok, we have all these BIG DATA and ANALYTICS companies at the BIG DATA Strata conference, but I could only find two that are doing any kind of analytics on the event using Twitter!  There is something wrong with that – don’t you agree?

Tableau has made an effort to create some insight on their web site.  They have a nice clean page that is easy to read.  But there are some glaring issues with it.  The data seems incorrect, the number of total tweets is incorrect and the top Tweeters are wrong.  Tableau shows 720 tweets total for February 28th.


Our solution, we built within Microsoft Excel, shows much FRESHER and more ACCURATE information.  Our solution shows 1,016 tweets for February 28th.


So some of you will say, “well that depends on when you pull the data on the 28th”.  Ok, so I click on Tableau’s data point for February 27th and Tableau reports 1,302 tweets. Our Excel reports over 1,936 tweets total for February 27th.   Tableau is missing over 600 tweets!  Ouch…

Good try Tableau.  We have some amazing ETL guys in our Services organization that can help you if you’d like.  ha ha ha

Tableau top tweeters are totally different from our results.  But hey, at least they got Extended Results correct.   Even still, the total number of tweets is incorrect.


Twitter in Excel

Sure, I might be picking on Tableau, but at least they made an effort as an analytics company to actually be brave enough to use their solution to demonstrate live Twitter analysis.

I am disappointed by all the vendors showing their wares and not showing it in real time…  I would love to do comparisons across other vendors – anyone interested?  Guess they are scared.

If you want more accurate and real-time Twitter analytics you can download our FREE Excel add-on here.

Enjoy, Patrick

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