The Most Accurate Twitter Analytics at the Strata Conference #strataconf

I’ve been cruising around the different BIG DATA vendors sites (mentioned using the hashtag #strataconf) reviewing their analytics at the Strata conference and I’m noticing that the numbers are totally different.  I totally get that it depends on when they pull the data but………

Um should I say it? – sure! “I think a lot of the vendors are filtering out their competitors!”

I’ve noticed it with a few of the self-proclaimed self-serve providers…  Conspiracy theories….  I just wonder WHY it takes so long for them to refresh and publish…  Really?  It takes a day?


You can see that Extended Results is now #4 in the rankings and coming on fast.  The other 3 have had a couple day head start, so we’ll see how we end up.  I think it is funny because on some other sites we are ranked greater than #30.  Go figure, those other tools must not work correctly.


I love the geo-views of Twitter Analytics for Excel.  It is very interesting to see where the heart-beat around the Strata conference is really coming from.  Pretty much U.S. and Europe.  I guess the rest of the world doesn’t care.

Amazing what you can do with our FREE add-in to Microsoft Excel.  Maybe we should charge for it…

Anyway, more insights to come!

Enjoy, Patrick

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