Strata Conference Twitter TRends–Live in Microsoft Excel and it is FREE! #strataconf


At Extended Results, we created one of the coolest and FREE application add-ons for Excel.   You can now do Twitter Analytics on your terms without having to pay thousands of dollars for another analytics too.  Just use what you got today!

Tweet by People

We have a whole page dedicated to People tweeting at the Strata Conference.  You can’t find these kinds of analytics at the conference.

Top Tweeters by Day

Yep, you can see Extended Results in orange getting busy on Twitter at the Strata Conference!   That Mark guy did all his tweeting in one day.   Our goal is to be the busiest Tweeter at the conference.  Just watch!!


Yep, only with our Excel add-on for Twitter, can you see all those Strata Conference tweets around the world.  Driven by Microsoft Power View built into Excel.

More to come, check back at the blog later today for more analytics and a FREE download link!

Enjoy, Patrick

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