Data is the new OIL. At Extended Results, we are mining for Black Gold.


Check out our next industry demonstration, Energy.  When we build our demos, we believe they need to be in the correct terminology so people understand them better.   Can’t think of a better demo to release now, since gas prices have increased more than $.50 cents in the last 2 months.


“So, where is the price of fuel going?”, you might ask.  Well, with one click you can compare market price and production volumes to see if demand is being met.


“Well, do we have enough drilling platforms to meet that market demand?”  Again, just one click and you are into a wall placement map.   You can filter and zoom to see where production capacity is coming from.


And if you want to gauge how angry people are about energy prices, we are just a click away from Twitter to give us the sentiment on peoples’ attitudes in regards to gas price increases…

If you would like to get a live demo of this solution or any of our other demos for Retail, High Technology, Sports, Consumer goods or more, just contact us and we would be happy to walk you through our solutions.

Enjoy, Patrick

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