United Nations Energy Consumption Insights Done with Microsoft Excel 2013, PowerPivot, Power View and the Azure Marketplace

Just how easy is it to mashup 650,000 rows of United Nations Energy Census data?   Takes less than 10 minutes.   I decided to take Excel 2013 for a spin and utilize some new features.  That lead me to the Azure Marketplace, where I could download some BIG DATA that was FREE!  Love FREE.


I found a data set from the United Nations on Energy Production and Consumption Census.   Very interesting, but the data is a little old, from 2007.  But, it was worth taking it for a spin in Excel 2013.


First, you go into the feature PowerPivot and you can connect to an external data source.  Select Azure Marketplace and hundreds of data sets are presented.  Actually, it’s kind of overwhelming and a pain because navigating in the marketplace is poor.  There’s no BACK button.   Once I got the data set established, then I was off and running in Excel.

Many of the new features or enhancements to older features really make it easy to mashup and present your data quickly.   Using slicers, new charting controls and grid controls, I can quickly drag and drop my values and get the insights I want.   Layouts was quick and easy.


Then, the bonus feature is Power View.  Since I had United Nations data, it had to have a country slice right?  BINGO.  Drop in the map objects, drop my quality value onto the map by country and – voilà! – instant geo-spatial analysis.   Very nice and quick!


For the end users or analysts that want to discover the golden nugget in their , I think the question Excel 2013 presents to you is this: Do you go out and purchase a $1,995 software package or just upgrade to Excel 2013 and use a tool you already know?

The decision is easy.

Enjoy, Patrick


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