Managers: Get Out of Your Office and onto the Floor… @retailbigshow @nrfnews

We are at the National Retail Federation (NRF) conference in New York this week in the Microsoft booth showcasing the coolest analytics solutions you’ll find on the Microsoft platform.  We’re honored to be working in conjunction with the Microsoft Retail team for our 5th year at this venue.


Our theme this year is, “get out of your office and onto the floor.” It’s about empowering managers to get away from the confines of the office, taking their business metrics along with them. Utilizing the best in technologies, managers now have decision-making metrics at their fingertips.


Off to a great start with lots of people coming to see PUSHBI.   I believe over the course of 2 hours, Bryan did demos to about 100 people.


We even got some TV time because they thought our solution looked like CNBC, but for your business.

Enjoy, Patrick

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