Robert Scoble just compared us to Instagram! And why it matters…


This is a great compliment from Robert Scoble comparing us to Instagram, but he is way off on his comparisons.  Smile  He jumps on an article published on TechCrunch about our download success in the Windows 8 app store. He basically said, “What is the big deal with 2,500 downloads, when Instagram does that in a few minutes on iOS?”  Guess he didn’t read the article, or he doesn’t like Microsoft very much…


  1. If he had read the article, he would have realized that we are selling an enterprise software solution, not a consumer app.
  2. Over 2/3 of the apps in the Apple store don’t have a single download – zombie apps.
  3. We provide a mobile business intelligence app for businesses.  Instagram provides a photo app that colorizes photos.
  4. We didn’t have to raise money to develop our app.
  5. Businesses pay for our solution because of the insights and productivity it brings to them.  Instagram has to give it away for free.
  6. We have actually made money with our app.  Instagram has to give it away for free and maybe someday put ads in it.  Oh joy…
  7. We provide our app on iOS, Android and Windows platforms.  That includes phones, tablets, desktops and servers.  Instagram?  Well, they don’t cover as many as we do…

If you want to have some fun, go read the comments where others jump in about how Robert is reading it wrong.  There are just so many great quotes, you have to check it out…


WHY THIS MATTERS: There is so much noise about consumer apps getting a million downloads and selling startups for a ton of money. These consumer apps are really just a drain on your free time – I think Wall Street’ers call it “Pump and Dump”.

I appreciate the articles written by TechCrunch and NEOWIN, about our success since the launch of Windows.  In a day when everything is about the latest gadget or the latest consumer app (it’s free, but we’ll make it up on mobile ads), I am glad to share my story on how a developer of business applications – yes as boring as that can be – can have success and make a difference to thousands and thousands of businesses and their employees.

Go take a look at PUSHBI and you’ll realize that we provide a PRODUCTIVITY GAIN, not a PRODUCTIVITY DRAIN.  And that is WHY THIS MATTERS, because this is what we need to do to get our economy back into fiscal shape.


Patrick Husting
Extended Results, Inc.

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