We are doing GREAT on WINDOWS 8!

Windows 8, Microsoft, PushBI, MobileBI, Business Intelligence, Analytics

I was reading the other week about a games company complaining about their $83 dollars they have made on their Windows 8 application since the launch of their title in the App Store. Well, it is just another game of thousands of titles available. Like any software company, it is very hard to get above the noise, we know all about that at Extended Results.  I decided to dive into our data and gleam some new insights.

With our PUSHBI for Windows 8, we are doing GREAT with Windows 8! Since the launch of our title, we have had over 2,500 downloads. That is not too bad for an Enterprise business application. And I can share this, we made WAY MORE than $83 bucks on it. :o) Let’s do some math on this.

5 weeks since launch

7 days a week

24 hours in a day

840 hours total

3 downloads per hour!

We have seen an extra 15 to 20 new business leads a week because of Windows 8. We are seeing tremendous business traffic with Windows 8 that is for sure.  My sales team is very happy. 

Thank you Microsoft and the Windows 8 team!


TechCrunchPS:  TechCrunch just posted an article on us and compared us to Instagram!


imagePS again:  NEOWIN just posted a great write-up on our Windows 8 experiences too.

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