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Our Insights Dashboard product just keeps getting better day after day.   The above screenshot is from a project we are doing at Microsoft.   Why are they using our Insights Dashboard product?  Let me put it simply:

  • Scales for BIG DATA:  Yes, you heard that correct, this is an HTML5 application where you can actually send a million points of data to one chart, which we quickly render.
  • Highly Graphical: We give the customer complete branding control over the look and feel because we’ve taken our extreme graphical capabilities and put them it into our solution.
  • Simple Creation:  Dashboards can be a pain to create.  Not Insights.  Click, drag, drop and publish.  Done.
  • Mobile Integration:  Yep, this dashboard doesn’t have to be rewritten for the mobile device.  We automatically take the dashboard and render the KPIs down appropriate to any mobile phone or tablet.
  • Customizable:  Even better!  Need a custom chart or view, you can easily create an ASP.NET component that just plugs and accepts data from our KPI Server.
  • KPI Management:  Self-Serve BI is great!  If you are an analyst – we provide a centralized KPI management interface that allows you to apply governance to your KPI change management.   One KPI that can be used by an limited number of reports.  Again, no re-writing.
  • API Access:  Our KPI Server is so well thought out, that if you want another one of your applications, say your CRM solution, to access our KPI library, you can do that, too!   Again, ONE version of the truth.

Those are just a few reasons why this Microsoft group choose our solution.  It is now in the process of rolling out to over 3,000 business users as I write this at a fraction of the cost of utilizing other dashboard solutions or a 10th of the cost of something custom built.

Contact us today if you would like to find out more about our HTML5 Insights Dashboard product.

Product Information:

Enjoy, Patrick

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