Powerball – Suggested Numbers with Excel 2013 – I bought my ticket, what about you?


Yea, I run an analytics company so I should be good and predicting numbers.  So, this morning we downloaded all the Powerball picks and decided to quickly do some analytics on the numbers utilizing Excel 2013, PowerPivot and Power View.

We pulled the data from the Powerball Web site and then formatted and flattened it into PowerPivot.  After that, we quickly developed the top 10 picked numbers along with time slicers.  For fun, we put it all into Power View with some animations.


Want to help me take this further?  Send me an e-mail.  If you win, I get half.

Good luck!

Enjoy, Patrick


  1. How do folks win on the big games, I have been trying to win for over 20 years and not have won anything. All that I want is to win one good time so that I can buy me a home. are there any ways to get some winning numbers that will help me be able get a good win so I can get on my feet? I really need it, my health isn’t getting any better. thanks

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