Army Business Intelligence–Well, Sort Of…


Recently my son heard some stories about how our military men and women do not have the things they need that we all come to expect here in the U.S.  Simple things like beef jerky, deodorants, soaps, blankets, magazines, etc.  Actually, we were quite shocked about some of their basic needs.  And I do mean basic.

My son, along with several of his high school friends, lead a donation drive for these it these items.  It was a huge success.  As you can see from the above photo some of the boxes received by the troops.  That is just so cool.

Extended Results employees stepped up and contributed with items and shipping money.  Extended Results purchased supplies and we donated our office space for assembling and packaging all these supplies for our troops.

I’m proud of what our military men and women do for us everyday.  I appreciate my employees that stepped up to help and I really appreciate my son for identifying a need and helping out.

I just had to share this story.

Good job Adam

Enjoy, Patrick

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